Family Photos + Bison

 A day of fall family photos, plus a visit to see the magnificent beast that is the bison?  Umm yes please!  Add in a potential* family photo IN FRONT OF the bison field if the stars align?  Double yes!

This year, on October 7th, I’m joining Northwind Bison at their Farm Open House to offer Fall Family Mini Sessions right there behind the Bison pen.  Come for photos, tour the farm, meet the Farmers, browse some artwork, watch the Bison, try some delicious meat samples, and take home some meat.  This will be such a fun opportunity to try something new.

the details

Date: October 7th, from 10am-3pm

Address: 8591 Concession 8 Road, Mapleton, Ontario N0G 2K0

family photos

I’ll be there offering fall family photos at the back of the farm throughout the entire open house.  Booking will open up Friday, September 8th, at 8:00pm.  Each session will be 15 minutes long, which if you’ve had a session with me before, you know is loads of time!  Packages start at $250, and go up to $400.  My style is more candid, with story-telling photos, as opposed to ‘everyone smiling at the-camera’ poses. Not to worry though, I do typically try to do at least once for Grandparents and Christmas Cards!  

Photos will be taken at the bush, with hopefully lots of fall colours, wild flowers, and warm tones.  Be ready to walk through some weeds and grasses and perfectly wild areas to bring depth and dimension to the photos.  Below you’ll see one example of the scenery with my doggo, because he was the only one willing to come with me to scope out the area…my kids were too busy playing at the cottage!

*photos by the bison pen, with bison in the likely distant background, will only happen if the starts align between the weather and the herd’s mood.  They don’t always love me, so this is not a guaranteed photo*

the bison

Bison are incredible creatures.  Usually calm, majestic creatures that I could sit and watch for hours.  They don’t particularly love me, and act like my kids when I pull out my camera; they run to the opposite side of the field!  But they’re so amazing to watch that I don’t hold that against them.  

bison meat

Bison meat is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins such as iron, B12, zinc, and selenium, while being low in calories, fat, and cholesterol.  Bison is similar to beef in cuts, but is leaner and lighter in taste, and more nutrient dense in every serving. – Northwind Bison

get premiere access to sessions

If you’d like to get a 15 minute head start to booking a session and secure your spot, join the mailing list!  You’ll get an email early with the link to book on Friday, September 8th at 7:45pm before it opens up to the masses.  

This is going to be such an amazing day, and I cannot wait to be a part of it!  

See you there!


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