Why a Newborn Photography Session?

Aside from the fact that they’re adorable, there are so many reasons to book a newborn photography session.

The newborn stage is one of the most exhausting, rewarding, and shortest experiences of parenthood.  Those little babies grow so much and so quickly in the first year of life.  I thought I would remember all of the little details of each of my newborns forever.  So quickly though, the memory of the peach fuzz hair, the tiny perfect little fingers and toes, the wrist rolls, the blister on the bottom lip, all give way to the memories of the giggles, the gummy smiles, the first tooth.  Then the first steps, first time on skates, first day of school, and the smile on their face when they make the sports team they tried out for.  

If the newborn stage is such a short period, why spend money on to document it with a photography session?  

Because it’s such a short period.  That’s it.  That’s the reason.  Your baby will never be this small again.  I know, it’s a cliche.  But it’s true.  They are changing by the day, and some day, you won’t remember all of the details.  You won’t remember how they curled up, how tiny their feet were, their perfect peach fuzz hair, or a particular cow lick, or the fuzzy ears, milia on the nose, perfect little lips.  No memory has that much space. 

But with these photos, you can remember everything about that wee little babe that keeps you up all night.  I’ll document everything about your baby so that when you look back at these photos, you’ll remember everything you promise yourself you’ll never forget.  Because you will.  

That little baby will grow and fill your heart so full of love that you can’t possibly remember every reason you love them so much.   

Along with documenting your babe, I’ll also photograph both parents with the new babe.  I’ll give you a first family portrait, and focus on the connection and emotion that surrounds a new baby.  I’ll also document any older siblings with their new baby.  Just imagine a sweet snuggle photo of your two babies.  Stunning.  

Make sure you reach out soon to secure a spot for your Newborn Photography Session.  They book up fast, and I’d love to photograph your family. 

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