Why a Family Photography Session?

A Family Photography Session: simply put, where I take photos of you and your family.  A highlight reel if you might.  

If you’ve read any of my website, you know that I believe time goes fast.  It does.  You know this, especially if you’ve made tiny humans, medium humans, fully grown humans, or even just brand new humans.  And I have a hunch that if I scrolled through your phone, I would find it full of those varying-sized humans.  

But how many of those photos include you?  

If your camera roll looks anything like mine, none of them do.  Or if they do, it’s a photo of our faces squished together, with half of mine cut off.  Because when I take photos on my phone, they are for me.  They’re to help me remember every day life with my family.  All of the fleeting expressions and personality traits of my kids.  Documentation of their lives, remembering the cheesy smile that was their go to for only a month, a silly look, a family vacation.  Those photos are for me.  

A Family Photography Session with me is for your kids.  Not you.

They won’t know it right away, and neither will you.  Right away, they’re for you.  And you’ll hang up the photos that are focused on your children.  Their faces, their smiles.  You’ll be the supporting actor like always.  But someday, when those photos are all they have left of you, they’ll cherish the other photos.  The ones that show your face, staring lovingly at them.  The tight embraces, tickles, and giggles together as a family.  They’ll sort through the photos, not necessarily remembering the session, but remembering their childhood with you.  The times you hugged them tight and told them a bed time story, or the way you swung them up in the air to catch them again.  You, the person who was there for them their entire lives, their biggest supporters.  

They may grow up and leave and build their own families, but you’ll be their Parent forever, and that will never change.  And some day, hopefully far, far in the future, these photos will be all that’s left.  

So take those family photos with your children.  Get in those photos.  And give your children the best gift you can give them.  They’ll thank you someday.  

I can’t wait to meet you.



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Suzanna Kennedy is a Newborn, Baby, and Family Photographer located in Corunna, Ontario, serving all of Lambton County and beyond.