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Whether a single team or an entire organization, there are unlimited options for sports photos. We offer a mix of your typical individual photos, action photos, and a creative option that is not your usual sports photos! Inquire today for pricing and options for your athletes.

sports team photo process

1.Choose a
block of time
Team Coaching Staff will complete a questionnaire to assist in creating a schedule for your team's photos. Hopefully this will ensure that every player can be there for your team's time block.
3.headshot dayYou’ll arrive at the beginning of your team’s time block, and we’ll do photos. Only photos included in your chosen package will be taken.
5.image selection
galleries go out
For any composite components of your package, you’ll be able to choose the poses that you’d like included for your individual player. You’ll receive an example of what the final product will look like, and be able to choose images from a digital proofing gallery to be included. You’ll have three days to make your selections before I choose the images for you.
7.printed products
Any prints or products that you’ve ordered will be delivered to your Team Manager to be handed out to the team.
2.choose photo
There are four packages available, ranging from just being part of the team photo, to everything you could want: classic, action, creative edits, and prints. You’ll also be able to pre-purchase items such as trading cards, prints, mugs, water bottles, and more.
4.Action photo dayThis may or may not happen on the same day as your team’s headshots. I’ll arrive for your game, and take photos of your player in the excitement of the game. Action photos are taken only for those Players who purchase them as part of a collection.
6.digital galleries
Once all images are chosen, and designs are approved, you’ll receive a gallery with all of your included digital files. These can be downloaded, and kept forever. You’ll also have the chance to place any additional orders for products.

team sports faq

do i still need to choose a package if i don't wish to purchase photos?

Yes. Having every player go through the same process helps me to stay organized, and keep every player with the correct team. Don't worry though, there is a package strictly for being part of the team photo with no cost to you. This package does not include prints or digitals.

Can i purchase just trader cards or other products without purchasing a package?

The simple answer is yes. You can. However, unless you purchase a package that includes action photos, I will not take action photos of your player, and therefore they will not be available for product designs. If you are happy with only headshots on your products, then order away!


Yes, you do. Each player requires a package to be selected.

What if i have another child in a different organization?

Hmm, this one is tricky. While I know you likely want matching photos of your children, different organizations usually have their own photographer. If you’d like to chat about a custom session for your child outside of team photos, please reach out and I’ll see what I can do.

is there any way to just make one payment for multiple children?

Absolutely! This is easy if paying via e-transfer, just include each of your Player's names and teams in the message. If you're paying by credit, just select e-transfer or cash at checkout, and send me an email. I'll combine all payments into one invoice and email it over.

how will the team photos be taken?

Your team photos will be done in a composite format. This means that I will photograph each player individually, and create a team photo digitally. Each Player will be photographed in 2-3 poses from which I’ll choose the best one to fit the team together seamlessly.

when will team photos be taken?

Photos for the team composite will be taken at the same time as the individual photos. In fact, I’ll use one of those images to build the Team Composite.

what should we bring for team photos?

Just your player, in their full equipment in the Jersey or uniform requested by your Coaches. Please leave helmets, hats, face coverings, bulky neck guards, hair coverings, etc behind.

does the entire team need to be present for team photos?

Each Player will need to be photographed, however they will all be photographed separately, and a team photo composited together. If a player cannot attend photos with the rest of the team, we’ll arrange a separate date to get their photos.

Does the entire team have to choose action photos in order to get them?

Nope, they don’t. While it definitely makes it easier to schedule, your entire team does not need to purchase a certain package. I will photograph individual players until I have a full gallery, whether that takes me five minutes or a full game.

what are simple headshots?

These are your typical Individual sports photos. A simple photo of your player on a dark grey background, with 100% of the focus on your player’s big smile. Scroll down for an example.

what in the world is a creative edit?

This is where it gets fun. A creative edit is a special pose, one full of intimidation and drama. You’ll be able to choose one pose for a single colourfully dramatic photo of your Player. This isn’t your typical Sports Photo, it’s one for the wall! Scroll down for an example.

how many photos do we get with the creative edit?

Just one. These images are fully edited, including special effects, and they take more time and effort than the typical headshots.

what if i want more than just one creative edit?

Due to time constraints during photo day, I will be unable to accommodate custom poses or multiple creative edits. You can, however, schedule a custom session at my studio during which the sky is the limit!

will i get to choose how the creative edit is edited?

Somewhat. They are all edited in the same method with special effects. The only choice you’ll have is whether or not your player's name appears behind them in lights. Aside from that, I’ll use my creative freedom and expertise to edit the photo as I see fit.

what are action photos?

These are pretty self-explanatory. I’ll photograph your player in the midst of the game to capture the true intensity of their game. Scroll down for an example

can i request certain poses for action photos?

Unfortunately not. Though I’ll do my best to get a variety of action images, I can’t control the game, and will have to photograph the game as is, from my spot as spectator.

what if i don't get the action poses i want?

You can always reach out to schedule a custom session, however due to the digital nature of the photos, and the fact that I cannot interfere in game play, there are no refunds.

what is a team sportmate?

A new fun re-vamp of the typical paper frame with team and individual photo. This is an 8x10 print that includes the team composite with the spotlight on your Player. Scroll down for an example.

what is an action composite?

An Action Composite is the perfect individual memory from the season. It incorporates a smiling headshot, 2-3 action photos, and your players information. Scroll down for an example.

what is a digital file?

A digital file is a copy of your image, that you can save to your phone, re-print, and share on social media. Included or purchased digital files are high resolution images. This means that they can be printed to any size.

do we get the digital files for the composite designs?

If included in your chosen package, yes! You do get the digital files for both the Team Sportmate, and the Action Composite. Both of these are printable up to an 8x10 file.

do we get a digital file of just the team photo?

Unfortunately not. The only team photo digital that you’ll receive is your player’s Team Sportmate, unless you purchase a Team Photo.

what can i do with my digital files?

Great question. You can print your images, post them to social media (a tag is always appreciated if you do!), use them to make mugs, trinkets, etc. The only thing you cannot do with them, is use them for commercial use (unless you have permission from me), or edit them in any way. This means putting filters on them, changing the colours, etc. Cropping them for print or to share on social media is just fine.

how will i receive my digital files?

Digital galleries are sent out once designs have been approved. Once you’ve received your final gallery, you’ll download them right to your device. Just remember to save them to multiple locations to keep them save, and print print print!

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