goodbye brantford. hello corunna.

Well guys and gals, we’re doing it.  It’s official, our bags are packed (they’re not really), and we’re moving our little family from Brantford to Corunna.  It’s a bittersweet move.  We’ll be starting new, with my hubby with a new job that will allow him to be home more (I’m still not 100% convinced this is a good thing ha!), and I will have my very own dedicated studio space (whooooop!).  BUT, we are leaving all of my clients whom I hold very dear from Brantford and surrounding areas.


To my Clients in Brantford:

Thank you.  Thank you times a million for being so amazing.  I’m sure everyone says this, but I mean it from the very bottom of my heart, you have all been so amazing.  I haven’t had a single ‘difficult’ client.  You have all been so patient (because we all know that sometimes I forget things, and need some gentle reminders), so loving, and so gracious in letting me disrupt your evenings, when your kids should be in bed.  Your first weeks at home with a new babe, because we ALL know that going out with a newborn is.  Not.  Easy.  For handing me your tiny little humans that you’ve only just met and trusting me enough to fall asleep on my couch while I work.  For bringing those sweet wee babes back in when they can finally sit up, and again to smash some cake or throw some cookies and milk, and track icing all over my floors (my dog loves each and every one of you equally, but the messy ones he maybe loves just a tiny bit more).  Making this decision to pack up and move has not been an easy one, but your love and support has made it maybe just a bit easier.  I’m going to miss all the tiny faces.  The chubby hands, and the little hugs during and after sessions.  Even the little ones who just don’t love me, but take my gummy bribes and try their hardest to smile through the tears.  I hope I’ll still get to see a few in the future when I come back to visit.  (And the Mom’s and Dad’s too I guess 😉 )



To my Future Clients in Corunna:

If you’re half as amazing as my Brantford Family, then I’m a lucky girl.  I’m excited to create a beautiful studio that you can relax in while I work with your kiddos.  I hope you will be comfortable enough to hand me your wee tiny babes and fall asleep on my couch.  I hope you bring those babes back when they can finally sit up, and again to smear icing all over my floors.  I hope I get to keep some of them awake after bedtime for family sessions at sunset, and I hope that even if they don’t particularly love me, that they’ll take my gummy bribes and let me tickle some almost smiles out of them.  I hope they like fart noises, and silly faces, and snuggles with Mom and Dad.  And I hope I get a few hugs after sessions.  I hope I get to see some big siblings in all their glory when they come in with their new babies.  But most of all, I hope I get to preserve your memories.  I hope I get to decorate your walls with big pictures of your little’s big smiles.  I hope those babies see themselves on your walls, and know that they are always loved.  More.  Than. Anything.  I’m mostly excited to meet you.


xo Suzanna


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